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The symposium 2023 will be held on 21/04/2023 at Antwerp Zoo.
This year’s theme is “The changing mission of early diagnosis in Inborn Errors of Metabolism: from population screening towards targeted screening and back.

The program:

9u00: Registration
9u30 – 10u30: Plenary session
  • 9u30: François EyskensWelcome
  • 9u40: Bettina Blaumeiser-“Preconceptional and prenatal genetic screening – the Belgian approach”. (Antwerpen, Belgium).
  • 10u05: Trine Tangeraas, Asbjorg Stray-Pedersen -”DNA analysis in Newborn Screening: Experiences and challenges ( in Norway)”.  (Oslo, Norway).
10u30 – 11u00: Coffee break
11u00-12u30: Break-out sessions
  • Darwin Hall
    • 11u00: Alberto Burlina-”Screening for Lysosomal Storage Diseases”. (Padova, Italy)
    •  11u25: François Boemer”BabyDetect: the next-generation newborn screening project”. (Liège, Belgium).
    • 11u50: Free communications
      • Sylvie Devos“A multiplex analysis in dried blood for newborn screening and diagnosis of lysosomal storage diseases.” (UZA)
      • Bram Decru– “HMC-CoA synthase deficiency: the importance of measuring ketone bodies in hypoglycemia.” (UZ Leuven)
      • F.-X. Van Vyve– “Sodium-dependent multivitamin transporter defect, a new case characterized by an unusual cardiac presentation.” (Hospital of Jolimont, UCL, IPG)
  • Galapagos: Session for psychologists – psychiatrists
    • Casus intervention
12u30-14u00: Lunch
13u30-14u30: General assembly
14u30-15u20: Break-out sessions
  • Darwin Hall
    • 14u00: Sandra Kingma-”MPS: the need for early diagnosis”. (Antwerpen, Belgium).
    • 14u20: Antoine Bondue-”MPS: Fabry Disease and Heart”. (Bruxelles, Belgium).
    • 14u45: Amber Van Baelen-”Innovation in the diagnostic field: A new multiplex analysis for the most common lysosomal storage diseases in dried blood spots”. (Antwerpen, Belgium).
    • 15:05: Free communications
      • Emilie Guérit– “Heterozygous pathogenic variants in the GBA gene are associated with Parkinson disease.” (IPG)
      • Andrea Janez Pedrayes– “Study and treatment of congenital disorders of glycosylation based on tracer metabolomics: SLC35A2-CDG.” (UZ Leuven)
      • Karen Driesen– “Metabolomics as a tool for developing therapies in an endothelial cell model of congenital disorders of glycosylation.” (UZ-Leuven)
  • Galapagos: Session for dieticians and psychologists
    • Annik Simons: “Difficult eating in children with a metabolic disease. ARFID or avoidant restrictive food intake disorder.”
      • Casus 1 ARFID  patiënt met VLCADD  – An/Jade/Ulrike (UZA)
      • Casus 2 ARFID  patiënt met sucrase isomaltasedeficiëntie  – An/Jade/Ulrike (UZA)
      • Casus 3 ARFID  patiënt met zeldzame ziekte (OMIM # 617877) –  Thierens Jessy + diëtisten (UZ Gent)
15u35-16u00: Coffee Break
16u00-16u55: Break-out sessions
  • Darwin Hall
    • 16u00: Alexander Geldhof-”Unraveling the molecular etiology of Pompe’s disease”. (Brussel, Belgium).
    • 16u25: Free communications
      • Patrick Verloo– “Towards an Algorithm-Based Tailored Treatment of Acute Neonatal Hyperammonemia” (UZ Gent)
    • 16u35: Election of the best free communication
  • Galapagos: Session for dieticians
    • Casus PKU en Palynziq –  Genevieve Bihet (Clinique du Montlégia -Centre Pinocchio Liège)
    • Casus glucose- galactose malabsorptie  – Audrey Foucart –  (Saint Luc Bruxelles)
    • Voorstelling project metabole studiedag Belgische diëtisten 
16u55: Closing remarks by François Eyskens

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